CALM Blueberry 12 & 25mg

Sweet and tangy blueberry flavor that’s both refreshing and satisfying.

CALM Cinnamon 12 & 25mg

Warm and slightly spicy cinnamon flavor to tantalize your taste buds.

CALM Coffee 12 & 25mg

CALM Cool Mint 12 & 25mg

Experience the Arctic breeze tickle your taste buds with a minty blast.

CALM Grape 12 & 25mg

Juicy sweet grape flavor packed into each pouch for a fruity delight.

CALM Green Apple 12 & 25mg

Crisp and tangy green apple flavor for a delightful snus sensation.

CALM Ice Cola 12 & 25mg

A unique blend of cola and icy freshness for a truly refreshing snus sensation.

CALM Lemon 12 & 25mg

This lemon-flavored snus delivers a refreshingly zesty and satisfying experience.

CALM Mango 12 & 25mg

Dive into a tropical paradise with each pouch bursting with mango goodness.

CALM Mint 12 & 25mg

A refreshing blast of mint that’ll leave you feeling cool and collected.

CALM Peppermint 12 & 25mg

Cool down with a peppermint sensation that’s as crisp as a winter’s day.

CALM Raspberry 12 & 25mg

Delight in the vibrant and fruity taste of ripe raspberries. It’s raspberry heaven in a snus.